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100 Years of Red Sun(project in a process)
will update soon
Fair Svetlana(2010)
Fair Svetlana was pictured in an old metal factory, that seems to belong to a far and strange place in which time stood still. While touching human aspects – manhood, dreams, disappointments, normality vs. abnormality and what lies between them, the series is traveling between contrast edges as darkness and light, private and public, voyeurism and documentary. The subjects are staged like puppets on a theater stage – directly, individually without any glamour, becoming a part of the view, merging into it.
Fair Svetlana was exhibited internationally since 2010 and was awarded the first prize on the 7th Warsaw Festival of Art Photography in Poland 2011.

  Private Moment(2008-2009)
  Scratching the Surface(2006)
Scratching the Surface is an intimate series, which displays a mosaic of sensitive and grey moments. It exposes human and feminine flaws, body landscapes, physical and mental distress. The series presents moments of love, envy, old age and acceptance. while each image only scratches the surface and reveals small insignificant moments and secrets, combined together the images give a glance of life.


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